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  • Is Stephenie Meyer a Thief?

    August 5th, 2009

    It’s is lonely at the top. Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is hated by horror fans, was dissed by Stephen King and is now being accused of plagiarism. So it is a good thing she has millions of Twilight fans who support her, but even so, did she steal Jordan Scott’s ideas?

    Scott’s lawyer, J. Craig William, told Reuters that the passages from her book The Nocturne “involve few word-for-word similarities” with Meyer’s Breaking Dawn “but that the two books have similar plot and character points.”

    William’s cease-and-desist letter sent to Meyer’s publisher Hachette Book Group listed the similarities having to do with; “a wedding, sex-on-the-beach, and a passage where a human-turned-vampire describes the wrenching change.”

    Of course Meyer’s publisher claims that Meyer never heard of Scott’s book and the lawsuit is meritless.

    To take it a step further Twilight fans over at the Twilight Lexicon did a little research of their own, trying to debunk Scott’s claim. They discovered that the copyright for Scott’s The Nocturne was filed after Breaking Dawn was already published.

    Now when one looks up Ms. Scott’s work what is discovered is that nothing was legally filed until AFTER, Breaking Dawn was published. Now the work itself (though not filed for copyright) was online starting in 2006 which is a full two years after Stephenie Meyer filed her Forever Dawn manuscript. So all in all, given the above easily accessible information, we are satisfied with Stephenie Meyer’s version of events.

    Scott plans to file a copyright infringement this week.

    What are your thoughts? Is Stephenie Meyer a thief or is she unjustly being targeted because the popularity of her books?

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    Is Stephenie Meyer a Thief?

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