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  • Polish electro-industrial act Controlled Collapse goes on Monster Tour
    “Monster Tour” is the name of the upcoming set of shows by Polish electro-industrial act Controlled Collapse. After releasing the 2 albums “Injection” (2007 – Dependent Records) and “Things Come To Pass” (2011 – Alchera Visions) the band decided to hit the road.
    Most dates confirmed are in Poland, yet Czech Republic and Germany also appear on the rooster. All of the shows will include special “hand-picked” guests such as Reactor7x, Egoist, Synchropath or Deathcamp Project. All the information on specific shows can be find on the tour website at www.controlled-collapse.com/monster/ but we can already bring you the confirmed shows so far:

    • 30.03.12 – Pub
    • Kazamaty, Krakow, Poland | Special Guest: Deathcamp Project

    • 13.04.12 – Alter Ego, Szczecin, Poland | Support: Reactor7x
    • 14.04.12 – U Bazyla, Poznan, Poland | Support: Reactor7x
    • 20.04.12 – Bajkonur, Lodz, Poland | Support: Egoist
    • 21.04.12 – Kociol, Warszawa, Poland | Support: Egoist
    • 27.04.12 – Necropolis, Prague, Czech Republic | Special Guest: Deathcamp Project
    • 28.04.12 – Liverpool, Wroclaw, Poland | Special Guest: Deathcamp Project | Support: Synchropath
    • 25-27.05.12 – WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN 2012, Leipzig, Germany

    More dates will be announced soon. We’ll present you the tourposter later on this week, downloading a 50MB file via iPhone and resizing it using the Adobe Photoshop app is not exactly the easiest or quickest thing to do…

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    Polish electro-industrial act Controlled Collapse goes on Monster Tour

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