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  • So far Full Moon has already unveiled Blitzkreig and Bombshell from Puppet Master X: Axis Rising. Today they released the first image of Kamikaze via FullMoonHorror.com. The fourth and final puppet will be revealed in March.

    Remember… The Puppet Master Axis films are sequels to Puppet Master III: Toullon’s Revenge, which is a prequel to the original film. Puppet Master X follows Puppet Master: Axis of Evil, which is technically the tenth film in the series (see below). Bombshell was originally created for the never filmed Puppet Wars and redesigned for Axis Rising. The history is kind of confusing, especially with all the missing puppets and unfinished plots. Hopefully Puppet Master X and future Puppet Master movies will tie-up all the loose ends.

    For all the latest Full Moon news visit our 2012 Full Moon page here.

    UPDATE: To add even more confusion Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys was produced by the Scyfy channel, and is not officially counted as part of the Puppet Master franchise. Here are all the films in chronological order:

    Retro Puppet Master
    Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge
    Puppet Master: Axis of Evil
    Puppet Master: X Axis Rising
    Puppet Master
    Puppet Master 2
    Puppet Master 4
    Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter
    Curse of the Puppet Master
    Puppet Master: The Legacy
    Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys

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    Puppet Master X Axis Rising: Kamikaze Revealed

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