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  • I have to admit, I’ve never seen the 1983 slasher film Sledgehammer, but now I have a chance thanks to Intervision Pictures Corp.. According to Retro Slashers, the start-up distributor plans to release the movie to DVD on May 10. I’m excited about this release because Sledgehammer was directed by David A. Prior, who directed one of my favorite slasher movies Killer Workout.

    Heralding the revolutionary roar of shot on video (SOV) horror at the dawn of the 1980s, Sledgehammer is the gore-soaked saga of seven party animals, their trip to a haunted house, and their ensuing battle with an ultra-creepy, flannel-wearing, sledgehammer-wielding behemoth. In other words, it’s everything you want out of a SOV slasher complete with Bill Murray impersonations! Helmed by writer-director David A. Prior and starring Ted Prior, David’s iconic trash-superstar sibling, Sledgehammer is SOV nirvana, a paradoxical wonderland of outrageous hilarity, cool sweatpants, and genuinely unsettling chills. Appropriately staking its claim as the very first SOV horror film produced implicitly for the home video market, joins Sledgehammer, Black Devil Doll From Hell and Video Violence 2 as a bona fide cornerstone in grungy, homemade horror. The synths are thick. The sex is weird. The food fight is superb. So what are you waiting for? Get PRIOR-itized! NOW!

    Check out Retro Slasher’s Sledgehammer gallery, and review by the awesome Amanda By Night.

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    Slasher Film Sledgehammer Coming To DVD

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